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Hideo Nomo does the improbable eighteeen years ago today – No No at Coors

Hideo Nomo no hiiter

On Sept 17th, 1996 Hideo Nomo did what no one thought could be done. Pitch a no – hitter in the hitters paradise known as Coors Field.

Rich Westcott, author of No-Hitter, wrote the following, “A pitcher has about as much chance of firing a no-hitter against the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field in Denver as someone would have sliding down Pike’s Peak in a canoe.”

Dodger Nation wrote about the no hitter earlier this year. Note the 20th no – hitter in LA Dodger History. would need to update this by two later with Josh and Clayton adding to the LA Dodger total.

On Sept. 17, 1996, Hideo Nomo threw a no-hitter in a 9-0 win over the Colorado Rockies. This feat is all the more impressive because it was the first no-no ever thrown in the hitter-friendly setting at Coors Field. Furthermore, it came down the stretch of the regular season and during a highly competitive pennant race. This made Nomo the seventh Dodger to throw a no-hitter, and his performance marked the 20th no-hitter in Los Angeles Dodgers history.

Here is the box score – a few notes:

  • The Dodger outfield was Wayne Kirby / Curtis playing CF (combined to go 4 for 5), and two ROY Todd Hollandsworth / Raul Mondesi
  • Just like Tom Brownings perfect game, this game was also delayed by rain, but in this case it was two hours instead of three
  • Because of the rain delay, Nomo pitched from the stretch from the 1st inning on

NFBC Update – Kershaw, Kemp, and Uribe keep moustacheball team afloat as Stanton goes down

Sept 9th Update

NFBC Payouts and Sept 3rd Update

Aug 25th update – 12 place

Aug 22nd update – 13th place

Aug 4th, first NFBC Update

Mike Stanton took a ball to the face but it felt like a kick in the nutts to me since he was the offensive ringleader of my team. An hour later McGee gave up a three run home run instead of collecting a save, and it seemed the roto gods had finally had enough of toying with my affection. The final straw came in a 9 – 0 drubbing by the Giants of the Dodgers. The team dropped to 10th and seemed ready to drop into oblivion but Saturday bought a whole new day.

Kemp and Uribe have had a great three games. Kershaw was Kershaw and as Tuesday dawns, the team is back in 7th, still knocking on a possible 5th spot. My  final FAAB money went this weekend to Andrew Romine and Josh Fields. Yes, Andrew Romine now holds the key to my team, because stolen bases are what I lack. Polanco and Bourn were supposed to augment the stolen base category but Polanco couldn’t hit and lost his job, while Bourn simply decided to stop stealing bases.

With an 11 point lead in my league, I think I have that sewn up so at the very least I more than met my goals for the 2014 NFBC.  Of course a flurry of injuries like what happened to Stanton could still change things, and with no more FAAB money I won’t be able to bring in replacements.

One final note, I’ve carried the Captain (Mr. Jeter) all year, and finally removed his carcass this past weekend. I was kind of keeping him as a good luck charm but some times those charms just go sour.  When you get dumped for Andrew Romine you know your swan song season was nothing to chirp about.

Rank Owner Batting Pts Pitching Pts Overall Pts Change
1 Dale Morgan 2,039.0 1,581.5 3,620.5 +16.5
2 Chas Nelson 1,781.0 1,696.5 3,477.5 +14.5
3 Chad Schroeder 1,627.0 1,837.0 3,464.0 +42.0
4 Neal Moses 1,690.0 1,750.5 3,440.5 +22.5
5 Stephen Fiore 1,677.5 1,737.0 3,414.5 -30.5
6 Kieran Lalonde 1,598.5 1,807.0 3,405.5 -13.0
7 Moustacheball – Meercatjohn 1,750.5 1,612.5 3,363.0 -4.5
8 Michael Makula 1,795.0 1,563.5 3,358.5 +0.5
9 Jon Stadtmueller 1,739.0 1,609.5 3,348.5 +31.0
10 Jon Stadtmueller 1,847.5 1,494.0 3,341.5 +11.0

Tom Browning is perfect against the Dodgers 26 years ago today

Reds’ Tom Browning pitches a perfect game against the Dodgers on Sept 16th, 1988. A few interesting tidbits:

Only eight balls were hit out of the infield

Over three starts Browning retired 40 consecutive batter, one shy of the major league record.

Tim Belcher was almost just as good, taking a no-hitter into the 6th inning

It was the first ever Cincinnati Red perfect game

The game started three hours late due to a rain delay, so many fans went home and missed the historic game


Matt Kemp passes Mike Piazza on LA Dodger home run leaderboard

Matt Kemp hit a huge home run on Sunday to help the Dodgers beat the Giants and inch them closer to a 2014 NL Pennant. Not as important but still significant it was the 177th home run of Matt Kemp’s Dodger career, tying him with Dodger legend Mike Piazza for fifth place on the all time LA Dodger home run leaderboard.

In his first at bat last night, Matt Kemp powered his 178th home run,  and now stands alone in fourth place on the all time LA Dodger home leaderboard. Matt has a long way to go to catch Steve Garvey at 211, but at least you can see a path for Matt to accomplish this. When Matt signed his long-term contract it was assumed he would replace everyone on the Dodger offensive leaderboard, but two significant injuries later, no one knew if Matt Kemp could even stay healthy or productive enough to remain an everyday major league outfielder. The brooding player who had been replaced in CF, and was wondering why he was in LF, seems like a long way from the Matt Kemp showing up today.

Matt has been very consistent since moving to RF. It took a while for the long ball to come back for Matt but with twenty one home runs in 2014 it has arrived.

Player            HR From   To   Age   PA  OPS       Pos
Eric Karros      270 1991 2002 23-34 6624 .782     *3/HD
Ron Cey          228 1971 1982 23-34 6108 .804      *5/H
Steve Garvey     211 1969 1982 20-33 7027 .796 *35/H7649
Matt Kemp        178 2006 2014 21-29 4452 .843   *89/H7D
Mike Piazza      177 1992 1998 23-29 3017 .966    *2/HD3
Pedro Guerrero   171 1978 1988 22-32 4089 .893  59783/H4
Raul Mondesi     163 1993 1999 22-28 3765 .838    *98/7H
Shawn Green      162 2000 2004 27-31 3462 .876   *93/DH8
Willie Davis     154 1960 1973 20-33 8035 .725     *8/H9

Provided by View Play Index Tool Used
Generated 9/16/2014.

In a ideal world we will be talking about Matt passing Steve Garvey at this time next year, but in a more realistic world it will probably be some time in 2016.

19 – 3 is even purtier as Kershaw catches Orel

On Sept 9th, I took a look at how Clayton Kershaw’s 18 – 3 record stacked up  winning percentage wise in LA Dodger history. With the win this last Sunday that purty 18 – 3 is now 19 -3,  and Clayton has tied Orel Hershiser for the best winning % in LA Dodger history for pitchers who have made at least 20 starts in a season. Clayton has two more starts to change how his historic season will stand.

Player            W-L% GS Year Age  W L    IP  ERA  FIP ERA+
Clayton Kershaw   .864 25 2014  26 19 3 185.1 1.70 1.86  210
Orel Hershiser    .864 34 1985  26 19 3 239.2 2.03 2.73  171
Sandy Koufax      .833 40 1963  27 25 5 311.0 1.88 1.85  159
Tommy John        .813 22 1974  31 13 3 153.0 2.59 2.74  132
Clayton Kershaw   .808 33 2011  23 21 5 233.1 2.28 2.47  161
Brad Penny        .800 33 2007  29 16 4 208.0 3.03 3.63  147
Rick Rhoden       .800 26 1976  23 12 3 181.0 2.98 3.90  113

Provided by View Play Index Tool Used
Generated 9/16/2014.

Dodger Series Preview – Rockies – a horrible team in all facets of the game

On May 7th, the Rockies were 22 – 14, and tied for first place. Since that time they have gone 37 – 76 for an overall record of 59 – 90. Sure they lost Tulo and Cargo but they were sinking long before they lost two of the best players in the game. Tulo actually waited until July 19th to end his season and by that time the Rockies were already 40 – 58.

This review seems pointless except to point out this is a terrible team who either can’t hit or can’t pitch at the same time.  The Rockies have lost six in a row, but in that time they have only given up twenty one runs.  The problem is that the Rockies have only scored eight runs in those six games. This will probably swing 180 degrees as I expect the pitching to get whacked, but the hitters to wake up given who the Dodgers are throwing at them.

This series would be a good time for Matt Kemp, Juan Uribe, Adrian Gonzalez, or Yasiel Puig to crack the Coors total base leaderboard. Or maybe AJ Ellis can join Alex Cora as an unlikely member of that group.

I’m usually excited about writing about other teams,  but I just don’t find this Rockie version very interesting so I’ll mercifully end hit it here.

Grienke six total bases on Saturday ties him with fourth best total base performance by a LA Dodger pitcher

Darren Dreifort
The Dodgers have had thirteen games in which a pitcher has had at least six total bases, putting Zach Grienke’s performance on the leaderboard. It was a little surprising when I created this list to find that Chad Billingsley was on the list twice. I expected Don Drysdale to dominant the list. I do remember everyone below as being known as a good hitter except for Hideo Nomo. Darren Dreifort of course came out of Wichita State as a two way player who hit a ton of home runs in college.

Zach came within two feet of tying Claude Osteen and Don Drysdale for the second best performance.

One final note. The Dodgers won every single one of these games.  The margin on Saturday was 17 – 0, the previous highest margin of victory was the 19 – 3 drubbing that Claude Osteen put on the Giants in 1970.  Maybe we should look at that game some time. How about on the next May 26th?

Player                   Date  Tm Opp   Rslt PA R H 2B 3B HR TB RBI
Darren Dreifort    2000-08-08 LAD CHC  W 7-5  4 2 3  0  0  2  9   2
Claude Osteen      1970-05-26 LAD SFG W 19-3  5 3 4  1  0  1  8   4
Don Drysdale       1958-08-23 LAD MLN W 10-1  4 2 2  0  0  2  8   4
Randy Wolf         2009-08-16 LAD ARI  W 9-3  4 2 3  1  0  1  7   3
Kevin Brown        2002-04-07 LAD COL  W 6-4  4 2 3  1  0  1  7   2
Don Drysdale       1959-06-20 LAD CIN  W 9-2  4 2 2  0  1  1  7   3
Zack Greinke       2014-09-13 LAD SFG W 17-0  4 2 2  1  0  1  6   2
Chad Billingsley   2011-06-05 LAD CIN  W 9-6  3 1 2  1  0  1  6   3
Chad Billingsley   2009-07-05 LAD SDP  W 7-6  5 1 2  1  0  1  6   1
Hideo Nomo         2003-07-17 LAD STL  W 6-3  2 1 2  1  0  1  6   3
Rick Rhoden        1977-08-21 LAD CHC  W 5-1  4 1 3  0  0  1  6   2
Andy Messersmith   1975-04-25 LAD SFG  W 6-5  4 2 3  3  0  0  6   1
Larry Sherry       1959-08-15 LAD STL  W 4-3  4 1 3  0  0  1  6   3

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Generated 9/15/2014.

Alex Cora!!!! Greatest Dodger games at Coors

Alex Cora

Most of us only remember Alex Cora for his great defensive skills at 2nd base, and his 17 pitch at bat that ended with a home run. Yet, here he is with some the greatest Dodgers of all time. Below is a list of all Dodger games at Coors that resulted in one individual having at least ten extra base hits.

Player                 Date PA AB R H 2B 3B HR TB RBI
Raul Mondesi     1996-06-30  6  6 3 4  0  1  2 12   6
Mike Piazza      1996-06-29  5  5 3 3  0  0  3 12   6
James Loney      2006-09-28  5  5 2 4  1  0  2 11   9
Alex Cora        2000-07-27  5  5 2 4  1  0  2 11   5
Mike Piazza      1995-05-07  5  5 3 4  1  0  2 11   6
Gary Sheffield   2001-07-21  6  5 4 3  1  0  2 10   4
Todd Zeile       1997-07-14  6  5 3 4  0  0  2 10   2
Eric Karros      1995-08-02  5  5 3 3  1  0  2 10   4

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Generated 9/15/2014.

Piazza hit his three bombs on June 29th, 1996 and it might have been one of the more memorable games in Coors history. The Dodgers scored five runs in the fifth, and six runs in the eight to take a 13 – 0 lead into the bottom of the eight. The Rockies scored eight runs in the eighth, and two in the 9th to almost pull off one of more memorable comebacks in history.

James Loney of course made his mark in Coors, and most of it was based on his nine RBI effort in late Sept in his rookie season.

I literally have no memory of Alex Cora doing such damage but in my defense, in 2000, I was barely paying attention to the Dodgers. It was the height of the Fox ownership, and the bottom of my fanship.

As only Todd Zeile could do, four hits, two home runs, two runs batted in, getting the least from the most.

Raul Mondesi has the only triple, to go along with his two home runs. The Dodgers lost this game 16 – 15. This was the only game the Dodgers lost from that list.

Dodger / Giant Series Preview – Panik in Detroit

Joe Panik

Been a long time since the opening day series preview, and much has changed for both teams.  I expected the Giants to be in second place, but I didn’t expect them to be this close. Plenty of time to widen the lead but for now they are legit contenders to take the NL West.  Given they lost Matt Cain for the season, Belt for most of the season, this is a bit shocking. How are they able to hang around?

1st Base – Michael Morse started out hot with an OPS of .925 on June 1st, but his bat hit a tailspin as he had a .666 OPS over the next 222 PA. Since that point he’s been around a .800 OPS hitter. However Morse be gone, and in Sept the Giants have turned to Adam Duvall and Travis Ishikawa. Who?  Ishikawa has been around forever bouncing from AAA to majors to AAA.  He is not now nor ever has been any good at hitting major league pitching. Adam Duvall is a 26-year-old rookie who tore up the PCL. Dodger fans are familiar with older players tearing up the PCL. He’s not very good either. While Morse helped get the Giants back on track in August, the Giants very much need Brandon Belt back and hitting if they are going to get any meaningful production from 1st base. Cause Duvall ain’t going to be that guy.

2nd Base – 2011 round 1st round pick (29th overall) Joe Panik has taken the job the clearly needed taking and has played an all-star caliber 2nd base for over 200 plate appearances. Joe does not have much speed (0 stolen bases), does not have much power (1 home runs), but he does hit singles, and take enough walks to hang a .369 OBP on the wall. For a team with a hole at second as wide as Bochy’s head, he has been the duct tape of relief.

SS – Brandon Crawford – fielding whiz who will take at least one or two hits away this series, his bat hit a funk on June 25th. Since that date Brandon has the dreaded triple stat line below .300 in every category.  .204 / .288 / .255. We can clearly rule out Crawford’s bat as a reason for the Giant being in 2nd place.

3rd Base – Pablo Sandoval – he’s doing okay, struggling a bit in Sept, he is what he is.

Catcher – OMG – Can you get any hotter? Buster’s last 86 PA – 37 hits, 15 XBH, 7 home runs,  .467 BA, .477 OBP, .838 Slug%. 4 is the number here. Buster has only walked and struck out four times in these 86 PA. He is clearly smacking the crap out of every pitch he sees.

CF – Angel Pagan is back, and to no ones surprise they are winning. Pagan is exactly who is he, a good all around player.

RF – Hunter Pence is Hunter Pence, one of the most unorthodox good players in the game.

LF – It was Gregor Blanco who went crazy filling in for every outfielder that needed a break. The weak hitting Blanco has been crushing it since Aug 16th. In 76 PA, Blanco has 12 XBH, .379 BA, .461 OBP, and a whopping .697 slugging %. Blanco’s career slug % is .344.

This Giant run has been fueled by the extra-ordinary streaks that Posey / Panik / Blanco have been on. You can imagine Posey doing this from time to time, but for Panik, he may never do this run again, and for a long time MLB player like Blanco, this is probably as good as it has ever gotten for him.

The Dodgers are running Ryu / Grienke / Kershaw at this lineup. They have a two game lead. They should have a three game lead by Monday, but when you have two Cinderella’s on your team, don’t count your chickens. Panik and Blanco have to run out of steam sometime, and when they do it should be a deep decline not some steady little drop. Now would be a good time for that pumpkin to show up.

No matter which All-Star plays CF for the Dodgers in 2014, “putrid” is the word

The Dodgers have had three major league all-stars, and one minor league Pacific Coast League player of the year take their turn in CF, and all have been found wanting in various degrees.

First up was Matt Kemp, who did the job offensively even if it was not at the level of his previous offensive performance. You can’t really complain about a .807 OPS except in context with his previous offensive heights. It was not Matt Kemp’s offense that moved him from center field, it was his defensive play, which by most metrics and first hand eye accounts said he was the worst defensive center fielder in baseball.

Donnie had enough after 153 PA, and moved Andre Ethier to CF. The offensive results were to be kind, putrid.

It took an injury to Yasiel Puig for Don Mattingly to see the light. With Puig hurt, Matt Kemp was moved from LF to RF, where he proceeded to revive his season.  With Kemp showing signs of his former self in RF, Don Mattingly and company moved Puig to CF when Puig was ready to play again.

On July 25th Puig had one of the greatest games of the season (or any season), in his first start in CF. He had three triples, and a double, accounting for 11 total bases without a home run, a record for a Los Angeles Dodger.

Unfortunately the season did not end on July 25th for Puig. Since that point, he has played strictly CF, plus some pinch-hitting, and the results are just as bad as what Andre Ethier was putting up. So in a word, “putrid” must apply.

Joc Pederson the wonderkid from the Pacific Coast League has had minimum exposure in Sept, but we added him here just because he’s been even worse than putrid, albeit in a very very very tiny sample size.

So, this is your 2014 Dodger Center field.

Kemp – adequate offensively, putrid defensively

Andre – putrid offensively, adequate defensively

Puig – sadly same as Andre

Joc – not enough data


Centerfielder PA BA OB% Slug% OPS
Matt Kemp 153 .273 .340 .468 .807
Andre Ethier 234 .222 .283 .335 .618
Yasiel Puig 159 .243 .333 .364 .698
Puig – Minus 1st game + pinch hitting 163 .229 .319 .299 .618
Joc Pederson 14 .182 .308 .182 .490
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