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NFBC Update – Kershaw, Kemp, and Uribe keep moustacheball team afloat as Stanton goes down

September 16, 2014

Sept 9th Update

NFBC Payouts and Sept 3rd Update

Aug 25th update – 12 place

Aug 22nd update – 13th place

Aug 4th, first NFBC Update

Mike Stanton took a ball to the face but it felt like a kick in the nutts to me since he was the offensive ringleader of my team. An hour later McGee gave up a three run home run instead of collecting a save, and it seemed the roto gods had finally had enough of toying with my affection. The final straw came in a 9 – 0 drubbing by the Giants of the Dodgers. The team dropped to 10th and seemed ready to drop into oblivion but Saturday bought a whole new day.

Kemp and Uribe have had a great three games. Kershaw was Kershaw and as Tuesday dawns, the team is back in 7th, still knocking on a possible 5th spot. My  final FAAB money went this weekend to Andrew Romine and Josh Fields. Yes, Andrew Romine now holds the key to my team, because stolen bases are what I lack. Polanco and Bourn were supposed to augment the stolen base category but Polanco couldn’t hit and lost his job, while Bourn simply decided to stop stealing bases.

With an 11 point lead in my league, I think I have that sewn up so at the very least I more than met my goals for the 2014 NFBC.  Of course a flurry of injuries like what happened to Stanton could still change things, and with no more FAAB money I won’t be able to bring in replacements.

One final note, I’ve carried the Captain (Mr. Jeter) all year, and finally removed his carcass this past weekend. I was kind of keeping him as a good luck charm but some times those charms just go sour.  When you get dumped for Andrew Romine you know your swan song season was nothing to chirp about.

Rank Owner Batting Pts Pitching Pts Overall Pts Change
1 Dale Morgan 2,039.0 1,581.5 3,620.5 +16.5
2 Chas Nelson 1,781.0 1,696.5 3,477.5 +14.5
3 Chad Schroeder 1,627.0 1,837.0 3,464.0 +42.0
4 Neal Moses 1,690.0 1,750.5 3,440.5 +22.5
5 Stephen Fiore 1,677.5 1,737.0 3,414.5 -30.5
6 Kieran Lalonde 1,598.5 1,807.0 3,405.5 -13.0
7 Moustacheball – Meercatjohn 1,750.5 1,612.5 3,363.0 -4.5
8 Michael Makula 1,795.0 1,563.5 3,358.5 +0.5
9 Jon Stadtmueller 1,739.0 1,609.5 3,348.5 +31.0
10 Jon Stadtmueller 1,847.5 1,494.0 3,341.5 +11.0

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