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Alex Cora!!!! Greatest Dodger games at Coors

September 15, 2014

Alex Cora

Most of us only remember Alex Cora for his great defensive skills at 2nd base, and his 17 pitch at bat that ended with a home run. Yet, here he is with some the greatest Dodgers of all time. Below is a list of all Dodger games at Coors that resulted in one individual having at least ten extra base hits.

Player                 Date PA AB R H 2B 3B HR TB RBI
Raul Mondesi     1996-06-30  6  6 3 4  0  1  2 12   6
Mike Piazza      1996-06-29  5  5 3 3  0  0  3 12   6
James Loney      2006-09-28  5  5 2 4  1  0  2 11   9
Alex Cora        2000-07-27  5  5 2 4  1  0  2 11   5
Mike Piazza      1995-05-07  5  5 3 4  1  0  2 11   6
Gary Sheffield   2001-07-21  6  5 4 3  1  0  2 10   4
Todd Zeile       1997-07-14  6  5 3 4  0  0  2 10   2
Eric Karros      1995-08-02  5  5 3 3  1  0  2 10   4

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Piazza hit his three bombs on June 29th, 1996 and it might have been one of the more memorable games in Coors history. The Dodgers scored five runs in the fifth, and six runs in the eight to take a 13 – 0 lead into the bottom of the eight. The Rockies scored eight runs in the eighth, and two in the 9th to almost pull off one of more memorable comebacks in history.

James Loney of course made his mark in Coors, and most of it was based on his nine RBI effort in late Sept in his rookie season.

I literally have no memory of Alex Cora doing such damage but in my defense, in 2000, I was barely paying attention to the Dodgers. It was the height of the Fox ownership, and the bottom of my fanship.

As only Todd Zeile could do, four hits, two home runs, two runs batted in, getting the least from the most.

Raul Mondesi has the only triple, to go along with his two home runs. The Dodgers lost this game 16 – 15. This was the only game the Dodgers lost from that list.

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