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Ballmer Time

October 10, 2014

Last night the Clippers hosted a season ticket holder party at Universal Studios from 07:00PM to midnight. It was kind of awesome, the park was closed to everyone but the season ticket holders. All the rides were running, the shows were closed down. I’d guess the typical wait for a ride would be 50 minutes to 90 minutes on a normal day.  Some rides we walked right into, some rides had a little wait. The 3rd time we tried to hit the Simpsons ride the wait had swelled to 20 minutes so we headed down into the lower lot and walked right into the Transformer ride.

We had not been to Universal Studios for over a decade, so every ride there was brand new to us.  Simpsons, Minions, Jurassic Park, Tranformers, Mummy.  We did them all twice in about 2 hours. I’m not even a Transformer fan but that ride was boss.

When you entered the theme park they had Clippers in lights everywhere. We were a tad late for the pep rally which was cool, I’m not much of a pep rally person.

The real point is that the new owner of the Clippers is trying to make his mark in Los Angeles by doing things that no other ownership group has ever done. I’ve had season tickets for the Dodgers / Bruins / Lakers / Clippers and this is the first time someone closed down a theme park for their season ticket holders. It was a class move, one I’m sure of many more to come.

If you have not yet gotten on board the Clipper train, hop on, plenty of seats still available.

This will be a new world

Go Clippers

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