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NFBC Update – Riding Kershaw to 10th place

September 3, 2014

After being Kluberized on Monday night I needed Clayton Kershaw to right the ship, and once again he came through. I can’t really complain about Kluber because he’s a big reason I’m in this spot but man did he hurt Monday night. That start alone cost me 25 important WHIP/ERA points.

I made some good decisions so far this week apart from Kluber. I sat Niese against Miami and went with Miley instead and that paid off. My FAAB money this past weekend went to Uribe to replace Chris Johnson, and Dillon Herrera to replace Aaron Hill. Herrera was for his possible SB, but instead he gave me a Triple/Home run on Monday Night. His first ever for both. Uribe has had a nice start to the week.

Rank Team Owner Batting Pts Pitching Pts Overall Pts Change
1 Sons of Thunder 2014 2,021.5 1,547.0 3,568.5 +74.5
Greg Morgan
2 LA Dogo Nickolaus Sackett 1,710.5 1,835.0 3,545.5 -15.0
Brian Slack
3 Hoss Cartwright Kieran Lalonde 1,630.5 1,814.5 3,445.0 +15.5
Lindy Hinkelman
4 Broken Arms Michael Makula 1,824.5 1,616.0 3,440.5 +29.0
5 Sneaky Weasels Rob Silver 1,805.5 1,635.0 3,440.5 +59.0
6 Sultans of Smack Stephen Fiore 1,675.0 1,758.5 3,433.5 -4.0
7 Da Giant Bums Charlie Casey 1,730.0 1,671.5 3,401.5 +64.5
Neal Moses
8 Belt Hangers Chas Nelson 1,774.0 1,601.5 3,375.5 -5.5
9 Cocktails and Dreams Chad Schroeder 1,567.5 1,806.5 3,374.0 -22.5
10 MoustacheBall Meercat john 1,734.0 1,595.5 3,329.5 +11.0


I may have never mentioned the payouts, which is why any spot moving up from 10th, is important.

Place Overall League
1st $125,000 $6,500
2nd $30,000 $3,200
3rd $20,000 $1,600
4th $10,000
5th $7,500
6th $5,000
7th $3,000
8th $2,000
9th $1,750
10th $1,600
11th $1,600

I have an eight point lead in the league portion and feel fairly comfortable. When I first started this endeavor I was simply hoping for top three in the league(15 teams), and a top fifty (450 teams) in the overall just so I’d get back my entrance fee ($1600). When my team started doing well I moved my sights higher to winning the league and a top 25 in the overall.

But now I’m feeling greedy and want the five-spot in the overall. As I knock on wood, players are falling like flies around me, which you would think would help. I’ve only lost Carlos Gomez, and while that hurts, he just went down this week. I’ve had an extremely healthy season for my key players. Kershaw / Hamels / Abreu / Stanton.

It is very possible I’m going to over manage this and go down in flames.

Mookie Betts is finally earning all the FAAB money I spent on him in early summer. Polanco not so much. I will probably be pulling the plug on the Captain this weekend as I search for more production from SS.

Next week I will need to decide to Kluber or not to Kluber but at least I will get two starts from Clayton and that is always a good thing.

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