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NFBC Update – Kershaw pitches MoustacheBall into 7th out of 450 teams

September 9, 2014

With only 18 games left, time is running out to make a significant move, but last night the trio of Kershaw / Kemp / Uribe added 25 points to the team, popping the NFBC Moustachball team entry from 10th to 7th in a matter of three hours.
Needing to make a move in WHIP and ERA, Salazar/Fister/Niese/Kershaw all took the mound, and all delivered except Salazar. Right now Matt Kemp is the best producing outfielder on the team, while Juan Uribe replaced Chris Johnson at 3rd base.

Rank Team Batting Pts Pitching Pts Overall Pts
1 Greg Morgan, Dale Morgan 2,020.5 1,508.0 3,528.5
2 Stephen Fiore 1,701.0 1,746.5 3,447.5
3 Kieran Lalonde, Lindy Hinkelman 1,607.0 1,807.0 3,414.0
4 Michael Makula 1,809.5 1,599.5 3,409.0
5 Chas Nelson 1,756.5 1,649.0 3,405.5
6 Nickolaus Sackett, Brian Slack 1,593.0 1,805.5 3,398.5
7 Meercat john 1,749.5 1,618.0 3,367.5
8 Rob Silver 1,731.5 1,633.5 3,365.0
9 Neal Moses, Charlie Casey 1,690.0 1,669.5 3,359.5
10 Alan Greenberg 1,759.0 1,599.0 3,358.0

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