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MLB Standings snapshot on Sept 8th, 2014 – Carlos Carrasco edition

September 8, 2014

Carlos Carrasco

MLB Standings snapshot on Sept 8th, 2014

  • Orioles cruising to AL East pennant with 9. 5 game lead
  • Royals continue to hold off the Tigers with a 1.5 game lead. The new Indian rotation is keeping the Indians within shouting distance of both the AL Central and the wild card. Everyone knows what Corey Kluber is doing but how many realize that the Indians are now sporting a big three? With Kluber/Carrasco/Salazar the Indian rotation has been brilliant ever since Carlos Carrasco was inserted into the rotation,  after a stellar season in the bullpen.  Might surprise most folk to know that since Aug 10th, Carrasco has been the best pitcher in the AL. If not I dare you to find someone better. Six starts, thirty-eight innings, forty-two strikeouts, four walks, three earned runs. Danny Salazar is not having a Carrasco run, but with each start he seems to be finding his 2013 mojo.  His last start was a complete game shutout, giving him eighteen scoreless innings over his last three starts.
  • The Angels have obliterated the AL West with a 42 – 20 record since July 1st, leaving Oakland / Seattle battling for the wild card play in-game.  Dustin Ackley has yet to break a 100 OPS+, but those who pay attention can note that Ackley has an .800 OPS since July 1st. Which in today’s world is purty good.
  • The Brewers collapsed at the wrong time losing eleven of their last twelve, and three of four to the Cardinals, leaving the Cardinals atop the NL Central. The Pirates appear to be coming alive at just the right moment as they swept their weekend series with the Cubs putting them into the lead for the 2nd team for the wild card play in-game.
  • NL East is all about the Nationals, with the Braves hoping to break into the wild card play in-game.
  • The Dodgers felt some heat from the Giants in the past week, but luckily played their patsies this past weekend, sweeping the series, and keeping the Giants at arm’s length. This week the two rivals will get to go at each other as the Dodgers search for a knockout series. Adrian Gonzales is trying to match Buster Posey but it simply can’t be done. Posey since Aug 12th, has ninety nine plate appearances and:39 hits, 15 XBH, .415 BA, .745 slug%. If the Giants take down the Dodgers, it would hard not to point to Posey as the NL MVP because he’s the guy carrying that club. Blanco be dammed.
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