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SVS – Middling his way into Kershaws heart

August 6, 2014

If Dodger fans were aghast that the greatest left hand pitcher of the 21st century was getting banged around by the Angels for the first three innings imagine what his teammates were feeling.

Scott Van Slyke let us know in such a way that my belly laugh brought my wife running in to see what was so funny.  I doubt the Angel broadcast was looking into the Dodger dugout after Clayton had been pinch hit for so 70% of Dodger fans missed the simple gesture that initiated my guttural laugh so let me paint the picture for you.

Clayton was on the bench with his left arm wrapped in his towel, player after player came by to give him a hug or handshake, it was very Godfather like. SVS was to his left watching all this with a blank expression. Once the last Dodger had given Clayton his congratulations, you could see Clayton look to his left right at SVS. At that point SVS raised his left hand and did the little expression which stands for “meh”. Wasn’t great, wasn’t bad. Plus he dead panned it.

Maybe it was just me. My wife did not laugh, but it killed me.

And the game:

Kershaw was more than meh, after getting banged around he settled down to dominate and give his team a chance for the win

Uribebear just crushed his three run bomb to get them back into game

Kemp put on running show that I doubt anyone thought they would see again in 2014. Beat out an error, stole second, took 3rd using his GPS because his helmet looked to be covering his eyes, and scored on a sacrifice fly.

Kenley Jansen beasting through the 9th

AJ Ellis with the rocket single that was an eyelash of becoming a rally killing double play, but instead basically won the game.

Oh, and SVS made a nice running haul of what might have become a triple. Must be nice to be 6’5 because he needed all of it.

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