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Don’t put away your Matt Kemp jersey away just yet – Part Two

August 6, 2014

Yesterday we set the stage as we try to catch up on Matt Kemp week.

Now that I was firmly invested in the game, and by myself, I looked around for candidates for high five moments. Luckily for me, a family of ten had taken residence in front of me, all wearing jerseys of their favorite Dodger outfielder. We had an Andre, a Puig, and a Kemp. Was it simply luck that the prettiest member of the family was wearing a Kemp jersey?

The first inning was very uneventful compared to what would follow in the 2nd inning. In between the top of the 2nd and the bottom of the second Alanna Rizzo broke some Dodgers news, and for the second time that day, tears dropped.  I had been warned by Craig Minami that this was around the time that Vinny had announced he was coming back last year, but I was not ready for the announcement. It may have been a hokum way for the Dodgers to do it, but man did it play well at the stadium.

Anyone who is a Dodger fan has already seen the video but just in case you want to see it again, here is Eric Stephen from with the Vin Scully is returning announcement.

What gets me every time with Vinny, is his complete humbleness about the adoration. Young and old, every economic strata, every language, all Dodger fans love him. It has been that way since my grandmother in 1958 first heard him, and it is that way now when the little Dodger chika first hears him. We all understands he makes mistakes now, and if you care, shame on you. Roll with it, just as you would roll with your grandfather, and be glad your grandfather was so awesome. He can still describe a double play that would leave Charlie Steiner tongue-tied.

I large part of me died when Chick passed away, and stopped doing Laker games. No Dodger fan is ready for when Vinny will hang them up.  It sure would be nice if the Dodgers, and other distributors of content could come to some sort of an agreement. Dodger fans know that every game that Vin Scully broadcasts could be his last, all Dodger fans should be allowed to listen/see them.

Anyway, the crowd was beyond amped after that announcement so it was ready for some action being down 1 – 0. Carl Crawford unexpectedly got on base, and even stole second while Matt Kemp was up. So with the crowd still swaying with emotion, Matt Kemp decided to bring it up a notch with the first home run at Dodger Stadium in a July moon.  Matt thought he got all of it, but it was a wall scraper, just making it out.

Either way it was a Dodger Stadium home run, and it was a Matt Kemp home run, both very hard to come by in July.

The lead was short-lived as Josh Beckett gave it right back for a 4 – 2 Atlanta lead headed into the bottom of the fifth.

As the Dodger fifth inning unfolded this looked like Puig’s night, when he tripled, giving him a single / double / triple in his first three at bats. Puig had become a triple machine, and everything he hit was a line drive rocket, the only difference between his single and triple was the gap it found. All were lasers. Nothing quite excites me at a baseball game as an in order cycle, and all Puig had left to do was hit a dinger. By the time the fifth had ended, the Dodgers had tied it up at 4 – 4, with Matt Kemp making the last out. It was nice that Matt had hit a home run, but I wanted more.

Moving to the bottom of the 7th the score was still tied with Puig leading off. I fully expected the home run to complete the in order cycle, but he could only manage a single. Four hits in a game is nice, but I wanted more. Adrian banged out a single and eventually a ground out by Crawford produced the go a head run.

Which brought up Matt Kemp. And I yelled something silly about hitting another home run. Which made the girl in the Kemp jersey turn and high five me with my silly grin. It got a lot sillier a few seconds later when Matty finally did what we had all been waiting for. A patented Kemp moon shot deep into the left field pavilion.

Oh My, was Matty back?

Hell yeah he was back, Tuesday night was just the beginning of his onslaught for the week, winning his first player of the week since owning the award at the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012.

And of course, more tears dropped. Because sometimes it is nice to want things, and actually have them happen. Welcome back Matty, we missed you, and to be honest I didn’t really think I’d ever see you again.






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