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Division series mayhem abounds aplenty leaving fans from Washington to Los Angeles in the dust

October 8, 2014

What a crazy set of major league Division series baseball fans were subjected to in the past week. Heck the play in game was just as crazy.

  • Cy Young award winners Max Scherzer, Clayton Kershaw, Justin Verlander, and David Price all lost. Zach Grienke won. The 2007 NL CY Young Jake Peavy won. At his peak Peavy never had a solid postseason game, but seven years later he makes his case.
  • Jon Lester, one of the best postseason pitchers of this decade can’t hold a 6 -2 lead in the play in-game.
  • Clayton Kershaw, the best pitcher in baseball the last four years could not hold a 6 -2 lead nor a 2 – 0 lead
  • Every underdog won – Royals / Orioles / Giants / Cardinals – the favorites only managed to win two games out of fourteen
  • AJ Ellis, Anthony Rendon, and Erik Aybar all had four hits in one game. Their teams lost every game.
  • Randall Grichuk was drafted by the same team as the Angels, one pick before 2014 MVP Mike Trout. Grichuk had more impact in a positive way in the postseason than Mike Trout. I would say that 98% of baseball fans who tuned into the postseason had never heard of Randall Grichuk.
  • Matt Carpenter / Matt Holiday / Matt Adams owned Clayton Kershaw in the 7th inning going a combined 5 for 5 with eight runs batted in
  • While most of the 20 – 25 Million dollar Cy Young pitchers could not manage a win for their teams, the likes of Jason Vargas, Chris Tillman, Bud Norris, Yordano Ventura, Yusmeiro Petit, Ryan Vogelsong all pitched well enough to either garner the victory or make sure their team won later.
  • The Nationals / Giants went eighteen innings, with Yusmeiro Petit pitching six highly leveraged shutout innings from the 12th – 17th inning.
  • If anyone had doubts about the impact of defense in today’s game they did not watch the Royal / Angel Division series. Lorenzo Cain caught everything and he wasn’t even the best Centerfielder on the team. Every game he was moved to right field to make room for Jarrod Dyson to play center for “defensive” purposes late in games.
  • Home field did not mean squat except for one series.
  • The Detroit Tigers started a trio of Cy Young Award winners. They all lost.  Doug Fister won the only game for the Nationals. He was traded by the Tigers for a AA prospect last winter.

All this means is that the regulars season means even less today to me than it did yesterday.  No rhyme or reason to this postseason so far. No one can tell me the better team won in any of these series.



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