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Fluke this – Turner turning point

August 22, 2014

Justin Turner

Eric Stephen can some times be annoyingly johnny on the spot, as he proved once again yesterday. Once again Eric showed the knack of writing the right post at the right time. Yesterday Eric wrote a lengthy piece on the perceived Dodgers trouble to win games they are trailing in. To be exact, before last night they were  0 – 46 trailing in the 7th.  Eric detailed all this exhaustively, and came to the following conclusion:

For the most part, trailing after seven innings is a terrible situation anyway. NL teams are 71-764 in those situations, an .085 winning percentage. That the Dodgers haven’t yet won a single game in that situation seems more a fluke than some sort of character flaw.

If you were at the game it was easy to expect a 1 – 0  loss once the Padres put the one on the board. The scoreboard all ready had two 1 – 0 losses up on the board as offense for all of MLB was missing on this Thursday. The Dodger offense showed little signs of being able to even get on base much less score a measly run. As I watched the game I mentioned the fact they were 0 – 46 to my wife and the cast around us. I also said not to worry that the author of the study had concluded it was just a “fluke”.  A few batters later Justin Turner went Boom Boom, and one fan among us turned to me and as we high-fived exclaimed

“Fluke This”

Hell yeah, what a game.

My last three games in those seats:

  • Juan Uribe home run to send the Braves home in the 2013 postseason
  • Matt Kemp going yard twice several weeks ago against the same Braves
  • Justin Turner doing his magic last night

I guess I should go more often


From → Dodger games

  1. 1 – 0 Nats
    1 – 0 Rays
    2 – 0 Angels
    3 – 0 Yankees
    2 – 1 Dodgers
    2 – 1 Cubs
    4 -1 Twins
    5 – 3 Giants
    8 – 0 Braves

  2. Ivdown permalink

    You should go more often, good things have been happening when you do!

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