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Matt Kemp thirteen game run

August 10, 2014

Matty did not have the weekend that Adrian Gonzalez had, but he did enough to keep this thread going with at least one hit in every game. Matt now has a modest six game hitting streak, however Sunday was the first time during the streak he had more than one hit.

Headed into July 29th, Matt Kemp had eight home runs, thirty-eight runs scored, and forty runs batted in with a slug % of .432 in ninety-five games

Today Matt Kemp has fourteen home runs, forty-eight runs scored, and fifty-two  runs batted in, and has eight multiple hit games out of his last nineteen.

For most of this streak Donny inexplicably continued to bat Kemp behind Carl Crawford thus reducing his RBI opportunities and at bats.
Here is a an at-bat by at-bat break down of this streak
Game One – home run, single, out, home run
Game Two – single, home run, ground out,single
Game Three – walk, strikeout (first K in 22 PA) , flyball to CF – Only three at bats in the game
Game Four – fly-ball, strikeout, fly-ball – Carl Crawford batting in front of Kemp made the last out of the game, and made the last out three times that game.
Game Five – Batting cleanup – strikeout, home run, ground out, fly-ball, ground out
Game Six – back to fifth but a head of Andre’s rare start – ground out, single, home run, strike out

Wins Player of the week

Game Seven – now batting fifth in front of Crawford – walk, strikeout, strikeout, strikeout
Game Eight – single, line-out, E5, strikeout – this was the game he got on via E5, stole 2nd, advanced to 3rd on Error, scored key run
Game Nine – home run, strikeout, line-out, ground out
Game Ten – single, sacrifice fly, walk (scored), walk, strikeout

Game Eleven – fly-out, ground-out, double, line drive double play
Game Twelve – strike-out, ground-out, single, ground-out
Game Thirteen – Batting cleanup – single, ground-out(rocket one hop to 2nd), single (put Dodgers a head 2 – 1), ground -out, ground-out – though I think he beat that out if Adrian is not forced at second

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