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Zero Percent

April 22, 2014

Negotiation, promises, broken promises

Negotiation, promises, broken promises

Negotiation, promises, broken promises

Negotiation, promises, broken promises

This seemed to go on forever, but on April 21st at 11:33PM, the DVR finally said Zero Percent. Dr. Oz was gone. The telenovelas were gone. The craft shows were gone. Everything was finally gone. The constant battle to clear the DVR  so the HDTV could finally display HD stations  was finally over.  The plug could get pulled on the antique Time Warner Scientific Atlanta DVR Cable box.  With great fanfare I ripped the cables from her ancient carcass, and disassembled her for the journey to Time Warner to collect the latest and greatest TW DVR HD Cable Box.

I expected long lines during my lunch break, but when I entered the customer service center at 12:00PM, I was greeted by four TW customer service reps just waiting, apparently for me.  I picked the friendliest looking one, and made an excellent choice. I handed her the antique box, and proudly proclaimed “Zero percent”. She laughed and exclaimed ” I guess so, we haven’t seen one of these for years”.  Between the chit chat she brought out the new box, the new remote, the HDMI cable, and told me that she  had modified my packagel which would result in a saving of $30 per month going forward. Even though I had a wireless already set up, I told her to throw one in.

As I left Time Warner, I couldn’t help but marvel that in 2014, I’d finally be joining the HDTV world. The mocking would end.  I’d finally be able to see all of the age spots in all their glory.  Sweat will glisten as though it was being filtered through Avanti water.

I’m not sure what the future will bring, but I”m sure when I’ve hooked everything up, my wife will say unto me “I don’t understand what all the hoopla was about”.

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